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Our Unique Approach​

A digital marketing team that gets blockchain

You can get plenty of digital marketing teams on the Internet but the real challenge is working with a team that hasn’t just mastered marketing, but also has in-depth knowledge of the blockchain technology dynamics.

Pre-event awareness

The success of your upcoming blockchain and crypto event depends a lot on the ground that is prepared through various pre-event promotional, outreach and engagement activities that get your core audience interested in the theme of your event.

Multi-channel strategic digital marketing

Your prospective audience is everywhere these days. There are numerous channels you can reach your audience through, but every channel requires its own unique engagement strategy and even subtle nuances can have a big impact on the final outcome. PPC campaigns, landing pages, social media, dedicated web pages and websites and email marketing, we handle everything for you. Only a seasoned digital marketing agency understands these nuances.

Totally scalable blockchain and crypto event marketing services

Whether you are a start-up with budgetary constraints or a big organisation loaded with resources, we can easily scale our blockchain and crypto event marketing services according to your goals and objectives, and of course, your budget.

Work with the blockchain and crypto experts

When it comes to understanding and communicating blockchain and crypto technology, HoC Solutions is in the thick of things. The way we understand blockchain and cryptocurrencies, very few organisations do. We combine passion and zeal with our in-depth knowledge to create perfect marketing solutions for you.

During-event promotion and marketing

Give a holistic and informative experience to the attendees of your event. From multimedia presentations to informative standees and on-site collateral, we can manage your entire information campaign.

Blockchain and crypto event marketing –
The way it should be done

Awareness and promotion
before the event

The core of your blockchain and crypto event marketing actually begins much before the event is to take place. We can help you educate your audience, spread awareness and inform people about the upcoming event and how they are tremendously going to benefit from it, in a totally non-intrusive and friendly manner.

Highly professional website

A website is going to be an integral part of your blockchain and crypto event marketing process. This is where people will come to seek information, to interact with you, to get themselves educated, and in general, get a sense of what you intend to achieve through your business in general and the event in particular. We will also design and deploy high-conversion landing pages for your email marketing and PPC campaigns.

Social media and online campaigns to elicit response

The engagement on the Internet needs to be two-way these days. This can be achieved by holding polls and surveys, conducting interviews with authority leaders as well as prospective attendees and seeding highly useful information, for example, in the field of blockchain and crypto currencies, that people can immediately use and benefit from.

Increasing your brand visibility

The more familiar people are with your brand, the more inclined and eager they will be to attending your event. Branding for your blockchain and crypto event would entail associating your brand with helpful and informative content on various digital platforms and striking up ongoing conversations with your prospective audience.

PPC campaigns with great ROI

Although PPC campaigns can be highly effective, their advantage is often neutralised by inefficient handling. Our experienced team can run highly efficient and cost-effective PPC campaigns on Google, Facebook, Instagram and other digital platforms, bringing you more visitors at less cost and in the process, delivering you a great ROI.

Brochures, flyers and
standees for the venue

An event is not just an event, it is often to raise awareness about your business and create networking opportunities. For this you will need high-quality collateral including brochures, flyers and standees that will target people attending your blockchain and crypto event. Our team of graphic designers, printing experts and copywriters will create engaging, startlingly attractive and high quality print material to engage your audience in real-time.

We can help you unleash the full power of
your blockchain and crypto event

Turnkey and totally tailored blockchain and crypto event marketing services to turn your every event into great success.

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