Allow buying, selling and trading of cryptocurrencies on your website

Don’t lose your cryptocurrency users to another exchange – provide peer-to-peer digital currency transactions on your own platform.

Our Unique Approach​

100% integration with all major cryptocurrencies

All major cryptocurrencies supported including your own unique cryptocurrency.

High security standards

Allow your users to buy, sell and exchange various currencies completely assured that their financial transactions are safe and unimpeachable.

Coding, implementation and maintenance

Right from coding to implementation to ongoing maintenance, you get a complete solution so you need to worry about just the business aspect while leaving the technicalities to us.

our stand-alone features:

Totally scalable solutions

We have a vast repository of cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency exchange code we can quickly implement, or we can develop from scratch.

Customizable Interface

The platform that we develop and implement for you will be totally customizable to give full freedom and preferential choice to your users.

Complete Security

We will be using one of the strongest technologies available to build a secure cryptocurrency exchange platform for your business.

Inter-platform Cryptocurrency Exchange

The platform that we build will allow your cryptocurrency users to trade between different platforms, including yours.

Seamless, Liquid Exchange

Avail the most liquid orderbook in your niche by allowing your users to easily exchange major cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, Litecoin, ethereum, ripple and more.

Support all Transactions

Support all transactions on your exchange including margin funding, margin trading and different types.

The most reliable cryptocurrency
exchange Software

Dreaming of building the next big name in cryptocurrency transaction
platforms? You will be glad to partner with us.

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