Data Science Services

Draw intelligence out of the most complex
and intricate data sources

Big data contains an unprecedented amount of intelligence and predictive ability. When you want to understand data, you want to work with HoC Solutions.

Our Unique Approach​

Discover relationships between the most complex variables

Don’t base your business-critical decisions on assumptions. Let our advanced data science services draw highly advanced inferences from your data.

Data engineering at its most advanced level

Whether you’re looking for advanced data modelling and consultation, data migration and integration and deployment, or support and maintenance, we provide complete data science services totally tailored to individual needs.

Real-time analytics you can depend on

With gigabytes of data being generated almost every day, you need real-time, deep analytics capabilities to make sense of it and then take informed decisions to grow your business based on precise and infallible data science.

Turn data into delight

Let your customers eat right out of your hands by accurately predicting what they are looking for today and what they will crave for tomorrow, by accurate scrutiny and analysis of the wealth of customer data you gather from various sources.

The most advanced data science and analysis tools

We will use cutting-edge technology and higher-end programming languages and frameworks to facilitate machine-based learning and intelligence gathering, including Apache Spark, Python, Scala, Java, QlikView, Tableau, TensorFlow, and many more.

What makes our data science services indispensable

Data preparation and refinement

Our data scientists can detect the missing pieces and help you plug the holes in case the data exists in a scattered form and many of its components appear disjointed. As long as the pieces of information are not physically missing and are simply disjointed, our data science engineers can interpret and co-relate the most complex pieces of information.

Exploratory approach

Although we will use conventional statistical modelling and hypothetical assumptions, we also believe in the power of letting the patterns emerge on their own and then making sense of those patterns to find hidden nuggets of wisdom that are otherwise very hard to find.

Problem and solution approach

Intelligence gathering and interpretation from big data is facilitated when the involved team of engineers and data scientists understand the problem and then from that angle, look for a solution. The patterns can only be recognised if one knows what he or she is looking for.

Domain expertise

Data intelligence and processing are of no significance if they're not complemented with domain expertise because it's only with domain expertise that we can validate the efficacy of data analysis. Meaningful relationships in various patterns of data can only be established through domain expertise.

Expertise across multiple
technology stacks

Our data scientists have vertical skills in a variety of technologies and tools including SAP PA, Google Machine Learning, Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, Amazon machine learning, Scala, hadoop, TensorFlow and much more.

Advanced migration services

Although big data might seem chaotic, it needs to be handled very carefully otherwise it can wreck havoc with interpretations and analysis. This is why when you need to migrate data from one platform to another, you need a team of specialists who will take care of the integrity of the data and then port it as it is, no matter to which format and platform the data is migrated.

Let's untangle the biggest data mysteries

We will make the most complex and the most confounding data talk in human language to you.

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