Blockchain Industry

How much does it cost to build a cryptocurrency exchange software?

Today, there are already around 200 plus exchanges of cryptocurrencies and exchangers in the world. And it is not a limit that has been reached yet. Therefore, what happens if the next stage of the evolution of the cryptographic market is the boom in cryptocurrency exchanges? If so, how can we take advantage of that? Maybe open our own exchange.

Characteristics that the cryptocurrency exchange platform must have

  • Flexibility to customize and scale
  • Security
  • Easy operation
  • The incredibly low delay time for the user, In addition, each platform consists of separate modules, called layers.

The exchange of commercial currency is a complex project, unlike a personal website. The team must consist of the following people:

  • Project Manager for 3 months. Responsible for the work in the team, discussions, communication between the team and the client and, in fact, the direction of the project.
  • QA engineer for 3 months. To test all possible scenarios and vulnerabilities.
  • Designer for 2 months. Design an interface and create a relationship between the users and the cryptocurrency platform.
  • UI developer for 3 months.
  • 2-3 Platform developers for 3 months.

The development of a cryptocurrency platform requires knowledge and skills. First of all, it is necessary to take into account the high load and the high level of security. Our company, HoC Solutions, has experience developing similar projects, if you need advice, do not hesitate to contact us. We will provide personal advice that will help you develop a cryptocurrency platform.

Expanding: the initial cost of developing a cryptographic exchange is $15,000 working with an Eastern European agency. If you prefer to work with Central Europe, the team based in the United States or the United Kingdom, prepare to pay 3 times, approximately $45, 000 for the same team.