Professional server support services for diverse business needs

Complete server support services for small, medium and enterprise-level businesses. Complex and demanding environments to straightforward websites – totally tailored solutions.

Keep your Web server running in top condition

Our complete server management services ensure that your server is perpetually running in top condition and doesn’t crash under trying conditions such as rush website traffic or many people downloading your mobile app. The server underperforming or crashing can be devastating for a business, but regular maintenance can easily help you avoid such problems.

Managing both Windows and Linux servers

Our server specialists can take care of your windows as well as Linux servers. Complete server management with dedicated support, security support and auditing, 24 x 7.

Round-the-clock monitoring

A big trouble with server problems is that by the time you become aware of them, they have begun to cause damage. This is why, round-the-clock monitoring is very essential. We use automated tools as well as personal attention to monitor every development on your server setup and make sure that no untoward incident happens.

Regular backups and updates

Whether you’re running a web app, a mobile app, a blockchain software application or an Exchange platform, it is very important that regular backups are taken and your software is updated as soon as updates are available. We will automatically handle these very crucial but repetitive tasks so you don’t have to worry about them. No need to worry about updating your software and taking regular backups.

Quick response time

Our server management team is constantly on high alert. You get our support 24 x 7 once we start managing your server for you. You will never be left out in the cold while your website is down or your app is not responding due to a problem in the server. We are always there to help you.

Help with installations and configuration

Installing custom software, or configuring a particular piece of software according to your needs, can be an arduous process and you may have to hire an IT professional and incur extra costs. Software installations on the server are included in our server management services.

Complete 360-degrees server management
services for your unique needs

We provide personalized support

Through years of experience we have learned that all the stakeholders can be more productive if personalized support is provided instead of giving template-based responses.

Expert team

We are a team of experienced server administrators who have spent ample amount of time working in large corporations managing their server setups, sometimes spread across multiple continents. There is no problem our server administrators haven’t resolved.

Server management for all needs

Whether you are hosting a cloud-based service, a web app, a mobile app, a software application that relies on a functional server, a website or a blockchain-based solution, we can scale and customize our server management services accordingly.

Centralized command center

We have a highly advanced and well-equipped command center from where we can manage your servers spread across multiple server farms and data systems.

Just focus on expanding your business

Having an up-and-running server is an integral part of a business these days, especially if you have a tech-based business, but it shouldn’t turn into a dedicated exercise. Focus on your work while we focus on making sure that you can totally rely on your server resources.

Routine security auditing

The safety of your server is as important as actually running the server. There are millions of threats roaming around just waiting for the right opportunity to strike and bring your server down. Our regular auditing services will make sure that all safeguards are in place and your server infrastructure remains impenetrable.

Server management services when you really need to depend

We are an ethics-driven company that believes in providing critical support that helps you grow your business.

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