HoC Solutions is an all-inclusive blockchain development and cryptocurrency creation company helping our clients deploy cutting-edge blockchain solutions on a regular basis. Once you decide to partner with us, we will provide you all the blockchain-related development services under a single roof. We believe that you must get complete solutions without having to shuffle between different vendors.

Blockchain Application Development

We will use our in-depth knowledge of the blockchain technology to create cutting-edge and future-ready blockchain applications to completely transform your business.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Development

Let your customers and website visitors trade in various cryptocurrencies (including yours) and grow rich using a fully functional cryptocurrency exchange platform. Allow them to buy and sell profit-making cryptocurrencies.

Altcoin & Cryptocurrency Development

Having your own cryptocurrency, crypto coin or altcoin is one of the fastest ways of increasing your business worth because as your currency catches on, so also the value of it. We will build and deploy your very own cryptocurrency that people will be able to buy and sell or even carry out transactions in it.

ICO Development

A complete ICO solution that provides you everything you need to launch a successful ICO and raise unprecedented capital for your upcoming venture start-up. We provide one-shop ICO development services so that you don’t have to deal with multiple software development companies.

Wallet Development

Get your cryptocurrency wallet developed by our pioneering team of blockchain developers who embraced the technology early on and implemented one of the most advanced wallet solutions.

ICO Marketing

To have a successful ICO people need to know about it and with the ICO arena rapidly crowding, it is very essential that you carry out strategic marketing to promote your ICO and draw the attraction of your prospective investors. We can help you with our digital marketing services to expand your brand presence on the Internet.

Blockchain and Crypto Event Marketing Services

Want to hold a highly successful blockchain and crypto event? We can help you prepare the background. We can get people interested in your event through strategic marketing and placement. We have the needed knowledge and the resources.

Server Support

Almost every application, e-commerce website and cloud-based software these days depends on a healthy and smoothly-running server. Employ our server management and support team to avoid unexpected circumstances that can cause you immense mental discomfort and crushing financial loss.

Data Science Consulting Services

Immense amount of wisdom is contained within data. What seems chaotic to an untrained eye can be a cornucopia of information to a trained eye. Our data science services can help you make sense of the most complex patterns and then you can use this intelligence to make pivotal business decisions.

HYIP Product Development

Want to join the big league? High yielding investment and product management doesn’t have to be the realm of enterprise-level businesses. Even you can have your own HYIP set up with little effort. We have the right solution for you.