Our Blockchain Development Services

Blockchain Application Development
Embrace the decentralized web with the most trustable blockchain development partner. From creating cryptocurrencies to establishing digital wallet platforms, we can offer you complete 360-degree solutions.

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Crypto Exchange Platform Development
Get your own cryptocurrency exchange and trading website. Allow your users to buy and sell cryptocurrency coins from your website without the involvement of a third-party and become a cryptocurrency hub.

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AltCoin & Cryptocurrency Development
Have you always wished to have your own version of bitcoin? Your wait is completely over. We can help you develop, launch and establish your very own, unique AltCoin and cryptocurrency coin in no time.

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ICO Development

Launch your ICO with a no-holds-barred website. From token creation to web hosting to landing page design, we offer complete ICO development services so you don’t have to shuffle between different vendors and technology providers. Investor Dashboard+KYC.

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Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

The use of cryptocurrency wallets is increasing as cryptocurrency and crypto coins go mainstream. Having a crypto coin is of little use if people don’t have the ability to accept payments, pay, and monitor their balance. We can help you design your own custom wallet your users will love to use.

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ICO Marketing

Targeted traffic gives you hot leads and hot leads attract capital to your ICO. If you’re looking for qualified exposure on the web to make your ICO a blazing success and reach targeted investors to achieve your fundraising target, we offer all-encompassing ICO marketing services.

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Blockchain Event Marketing

Want to organize a successful blockchain development or cryptocurrency conference or workshop? A massive target audience is waiting for such blockchain and crypto events with bated breath, but you need to know how to reach them. This is where we can help you effectively.

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Server Support
World-class server support for your cryptocurrency and crypto coin software and web solutions. 24x7x365 uptime. Full support. Unparalleled backup and security. We Help Cut Your Costs. We Value Your Business. Post Warranty Support. Cost Effective Support.

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Data Science Services
An unfathomable amount of intelligence is hidden behind big data. Up till now, big data intelligence was available to very big corporations but now, with friendly data science services like ours, you can leverage big data to improve your business processes and increase your sales.

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What is unique about our blockchain and cryptocurrency development services?

  • Highly unique solutions with fast turnaround time.
  • We have ready-made coins that can be quickly customized for your brand. Our programming prowess allows you to create highly proficient code in little time.
  • Easily implementable AltCoins and crypto coins.
  • No fuss, easily implementable cryptocurrency solutions. No technical knowledge is needed on your part. You can depend on us completely.
  • Total turnkey solutions.
  • From development to implementation to marketing, you get everything under one roof. Once you partner with us, you can run your entire blockchain-based business with our support.

Who We Are

We are a team of blockchain developers working at the forefront of cutting-edge technology implementing state-of-the-art solutions for the quickly-emerging decentralised web. From smart contracts to most versatile crypto coins to highly effective ICO marketing campaigns, we can give you all.


Want to know more about our company? Curious what else we do?

About us

Some of our team members working at HoC Solutions are pioneering blockchain developers who got a sense of the potential of the new and emerging technology in advance, and started implementing real-world cryptocurrencies solutions for a diverse range of clients.

Our primary focus always remains on creating highly useful solutions without bells and whistles. As mentioned above, through our team we can provide a 360-degree cryptocurrency and ICO solutions that will help you transition from the old-world web to the new-world web.

We are based in USA and providing solutions to a worldwide clientele through a technologically-equipped and well-connected office. You can reach us 24×7. Although we believe in hard work and fun at the same time, one or the other member of our team is constantly available for your projects.

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What our Client Says

Loved working with them. Their services include: ICO marketing, ICO development, exchange development, blockchain event marketing, etc.

David Malits
CEO and Founder at DM communications

The Exchange Platform which they developed has been very popular with investors, leading to the release of multiple cryptocurrencies, with the latest including APIs for easy updating and investing options.

Mask Group 1
Aneesh Nair
Associate Consultant at Capgemini America Inc

HoC Solution has contributed to a successful, smoothly functioning cryptocurrency exchange platform for trading bitcoin and ethereum and receives consistently excellent feedback from the users.

Karthik Kaliappan
Co Founder at Kalpssoft

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